ZSR Circumcision Treatment

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ZSR Circumcision is a specialized circumcision technology which uses a surgical stapler to cut and seal the cut skin edges instead of traditional sutures. In conventional circumcision, the surgeon has to first cut the skin with a knife and then stitch it. In ZSR circumcision technology, the stitching with staples and the cutting are done by the device.

The circumcision stapler is a single-use device. The disposable circumcision stapler is a sterile, hand-held, manual surgical instrument preloaded with non-bioabsorbable skin staples intended to be used to perform a circumcision. It is designed to cut the foreskin and apply a circular row(s) of staples proximal to the cut line. The stapler portion typically consists of a dome intended to be inserted under the foreskin over the glans penis and a circular cutting stapler mechanism with a manual lever intended to connect over the outside of the foreskin.

Indications for ZSR Circumcision

  • Phimosis - This is when the foreskin is too tight and cannot be retracted from the head of the penis.
  • Paraphimosis - This is when the foreskin of an uncircumsied penis cannot pull back over the head of the penis. The condition occurs more than often in boys and older man.
  • Balanitis - This is inflammation of the glans penis (the head of the penis).
  • Posthitis - This is inflammation of the prepuce, otherwise known as the foreskin.
  • Balanoposthitis - This occurs when both the head and foreskin of the penis are inflamed. Cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions on the foreskin. Cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions on the foreskin. Warty lesion of the foreskin - like viral warts.

Benefits of stapler circumcision

  • No intorable pain
  • No hospitalization
  • Faster recovery
  • No restrictions on Work
  • Nil postoperativ complications
  • No blood loss

What is Stapler (ZSR) Circumcision?

In simple terms, a device called ‘Stapler or Anstomat’ is used by the doctor / surgeon to perform Circumcision (in babies or men), such a process is called ‘Stapler Circumcision’.

It includes two parts – inner bell & outer bell. The inner bell is designed to protect the inner glans and the outer bell consists of a blade to cut the foreskin and staples to close the wound for simultaneous hemostasis.

Is Stapler Circumcision safe? How does it compare with other techniques of circumcision?

Just like other techniques of circumcision including laser, stapler circumcision is a safer process. However, it has got it’s own benefits when compared to other methods of circumcision that are mentioned below:

  1. The time taken for the operation / surgery is less than 10 minutes.
  2. Blood loss is 5 times lesser than other methods of surgery.
  3. The pain experienced by the patient is way less than the other methods.
  4. Healing time is quicker but barely by a day or two.
  5. Possibility for complications is less than half compared to other circumcision techniques.
    1. Less bleeding
    2. Near 0 chances of wound (caused by surgery) re-opening
    3. Less Edema
    4. Lower chances of infection.

Benefits/Advantages of stapler (zsr) circumcision

  1. Minimal injury to the tissue and lower blood loss (by volume)
  2. Shorter operation time
  3. Fewer post-op complications
  4. Faster recovery compared to conventional circumcision
  5. Procedure can be safely performed on children and adults.

What is frenuloplasty?

Frenuloplasty refers to a urological procedure where surgical alteration of the frenulum, a small fold of tissue which is located on the underside of the penis, is made.

How is it performed?

An incision is made in the frenulum, and it is then stretched in order to lengthen it. After this, the wound is closed with stitches. This makes the frenulum longer, effectively relieving pain and discomfort. The procedure can be performed under general or local anaesthesia.